Trend Hunter Andrew Robichaud Uncovers Viral Yo-Yo Videos

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: youtube
Former intern Andrew Robichaud has a knack for finding experimental films that play with one’s perceptions. His latest discovery includes a viral yo-yo video, which focuses on the movement of the toy. However, instead of capturing the regular movement of this item, the filmmakers decided to have the yo-yo still while the strings and person revolved around it. These techniques resulted in an interesting video that reverses what normally happens when interacting with this toy.

Experimental films are just one of the many things Andrew enjoyed during his time at Trend Hunter. He learned about different products and items that would normally be ignored, and this helped him in the world of journalism. The enthusiasm from the Trend Hunter team was much appreciated, as were all of the skills he took with him after completing the program.