- Jan 18, 2013
In the past, the worlds of audio and visual entertainment were subject to your standard home theater, which was considered complete as long as it had a stereo, a TV and a DVD player -- in light of 2012's multimedia trends, it's safe to say that's no longer the case. This past year was a year of expansion, especially within the world of media entertainment. Such classic pieces as a projector or video camera were still relevant in 2012, but remixed to suit the information age.

Examples of this include the Chobi Cam Pro 2, which is the world's smallest HD camera and the L8 Smartlight speaker which plays music while serving as home decor. Some of 2012's hottest multimedia microtrends even gave a nod to the analog ages, such as the minimalist gramophone made to look like paper, but armed with a killer sound system.

Checking out these multimedia microtrends will definitely spark inspiration, but if you're looking to dive deeper into our consumer insights, check out our Multimedia Trend Report.

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