The Snakes Portable Speakers by Junonna Trotsiuk are Modular

 - May 8, 2012
References: yankodesign &
The Snakes portable speakers is an appropriate name for this modular sound system. Although the separate components of this series is hardly similar to these reptiles, being much more rectangular than anything else, when strung together they have a decidedly slithery quality to them. People are able to create as long or short a system as desired in any direction.

Designed by Ukraine-based Junonna Trotsiuk, the Snakes portable speakers are available in three sizes. Bluetooth-enabled with built-in microphones, they are perfect for personal use as well as business meetings. According to the designer, "The main feature of the columns is that they easily transform as you like. You can rotate each segment about its axis by 360 degrees and still they have a good sound to 360 degrees."