These Examples Show Impressive Advancements to E-Reading Technology

 - Aug 26, 2014
There are some people that swear they'll never trade in a paperback or hardcover book for e-reader technology, but these devices are becoming more capable, user-friendly and truly able to go anywhere.

As well as being able to store thousands of book titles on a single device, some of the most impressive e-readers boast the ability to be bent, rolled, or have their screens split into two for multitasking. Even though most traditional book lovers would shudder at the thought of folding a book, part of what makes carrying around an e-reader so great is that these devices are ultra portable, super thin and ideal for taking anywhere—the Kindle Waterfi is waterproof and can even be taken into the bath, plus the Navy E-Reader is designed to go really deep underwater, since it was specifically developed to keep US Navy soldiers entertained with plenty of reading to do on submarines.