The Tasume Nook Stand Provides Protection and a Prop with a Few Folds

 - Aug 10, 2012
References: irinakozlovskaya.prosite
Apple iPad accessories set the standard for tablet covers that double as props, so the Tasume Nook Stand has followed suit. The concept makes far more sense than the alternative of buying a protector and a separate prop.

Greater quality must therefore go into the production of this piece, and this is evident in Irina Kozlovskaya's design. The Barnes & Noble ereader is shielded in a three-leafed red folder to pack it flat for placement in a laptop bag.

But in opening it up, the user will discover the flexibility in the creases of the fiberglass panels, allowing him to bend them out of shape. The origami-like treatment of the Tasume Nook Stand produces a sturdy extruded backing to the gadget holder. The pyramidal form enables portrait and landscape orientations.