- Mar 25, 2013
I’m sure you think that once you’ve seen one bean bag, you’ve seen them all; this collection will prove the opposite. Bean bags are light, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are often the most comfortable seat in the house.

The original beanbags date back to the 60s, and their use continues today from furnishings to toys. It has also evolved into a popular seat for those into video gaming, where comfort is paramount.

When used at tailgates or in home decor, bean bags are synonymous with comfy and cozy. Once you’ve browsed through this collection you’ll see that they are also available in chic and modern designs for any lifestyle.

Whether its to hold up your aching feet or jazzing up a children’s room, the use for a bean bag has transformed to last the generations.

From Built-In Speaker Seating to Flapjack Floor Cushions: