Meanbags The Low Tech SMS?

 - Nov 5, 2007
References: etsy & joshspear
If you're pissed off and want to get the message across, hit em' with a Meanbag or two. These colorful beanbags, made by Maybe You Should Die, come embroidered with a variety of nasty and creative expletives. Collect them all:

@ssface (lime on aqua fabric)
Ballsface (aqua on brown fabric)
Bitchass (grey on lavender fabric)
Dickbomb (aqua on orange fabric)
Deadsh@t (brown on red fabric)
Douchelord (magenta on lime fabric)
Dumbf#ck (aqua on red fabric)
Jerkface (aqua on grey fabric)
F#ckass (black on aqua fabric)
F#ckstick (red on aqua fabric)
Polesmoker (grey on lime fabric)
Punkass (magenta on grey fabric)
Sanchface (hint: post-dirty sanchez) (brown on aqua fabric)
Slutmouth (red on lavender fabric)
Tw@tbomb (magenta on pink fabric)
Whoremouth (magenta on lavender fabric)