The Pet Stool by Eyal Hirsh Animates Insentient Objects

As far as furniture is concerned, backless chairs have the potential to be the most boring and basic objects available. The Pet Stool by Eyal Hirsh crushes this stigma however, with the heavy plush protuberance escaping from its seat cushion.

The three-legged perch invites the sitter to interact with it in a number of unconventional ways, even transforming the single-seater into a more social situation. The pillowy top is continued down one of the conical supports, growing from a cushy cord into a large mass of fabric filled with soft and fluffy stuffing. Side by side, the two parts of the chair are remarkably different. The user may choose to sit upright on the stool or repose casually on the beanbag chair, while exploring the secret hiding place that the Pet Stool by Eyal Hirsh playfully conceals.

Photo Credits: Designboom