- Jan 31, 2014
The do-it-yourself, craft-savvy phenomenon has caught on like the flu and DIY accessories are one of the most popular DIY trends of the year. It’s fun to get crafty, not to mention cheap and usually easy. So why not make a DIY knitted scarf-hat? Accessories can be a pain to spend a fortune on, especially trinket-like disposable items. The amount of DIY tutorial videos on YouTube is overwhelming and amazing at the same time -- you can virtually "do" anything yourself these days.

Do DIY eco-coolers sound like an interesting DIY accessory project? Perhaps a DIY denim-bag is far more practical for running errands? Furry DIY shoe-accents are such a fun addition to plain and boring shoes. The best part of a DIY project is having the satisfaction of knowing that you in fact did it all by yourself! Making DIY accessories is easy and gives you bragging rights when you receive compliments.

From DIY Eco-Tablet Holders to DIY Shoe Embellishments: