Danielle Thompson Shares This Fabulous Vintage Needlepoint Bag Tutorial

All DIY fashionistas inspired by retro designs need to try this vintage needlepoint bag tutorial. Adorably colorful and chic, this purse was created by Atlanta-based graphic designer and crafter Danielle Thompson. According to Thompson's CraftZine post, her love of needlepoint purses from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, inspired her to try it out herself. Stating that after she "[grabbed] some plastic canvas from the craft store, got to stitching, and soon realized: needlepoint is pretty easy!"

The fairly quick DIY shows just how the simplest stitch can create a gorgeous needlepoint design. And, even though there have been a lot of ventures into needlepoint from the 80s that have led fashionistas to believe it is tacky, by just taking a look at Thompson's stylish design, all will become needlepoint converts.

So, use this easy to follow vintage needlepoint bag tutorial and start stitching away.