The Wexler Flex One is a Twistable E-Reader

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: wexler-global & gizmag
Wexler Flex ONE is the first E-Reader to incorporate the bendable Electronic Paper Display technology developed by LG.

This tablet is the closest thing to the tactile feel of a traditional book while still being digital as it bends and folds in your hands thanks to the flexible screen which is controlled through a D-pad and physical buttons.

It is also has the thinnest screen of any other E-Book on the market and boasts almost double the storage size, 8 GB, of the newest Kindle. Despite the thin and flexible nature of the screen it has reportedly survived some grueling testing and is nearly shatterproof.

The stretchy reader is also good on batteries as it can go weeks between charges even throughout dedicated reading.