The CleverWraps Disposable Sleeve Offers Easy and Convenient Covers

 - Apr 1, 2011
References: cleverwraps & ohgizmo
People who don't take the protective stickers off their devices might annoy you, but products like the CleverWraps disposable sleeve suggest that they might be on to something. If you have a few of these sleeves on hand, you need not worry about leaving those original clear stickers on until they peel off.

Perfect for bad weather conditions, cooking and other potentially dangerous activities for your precious device, the CleverWraps disposable sleeve offers an easy and convenient way to keep your gadget out of harm's way without having to wrap it in something permanent that you'll end up getting sick of.

Available in a slew of sizes for phones, e-readers and tablets, the CleverWraps disposable sleeve is a very cost-effective way to keep your techie devices safe and sound.