The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Resembles Traditional Book Pages

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: coolmaterial & damnthatshot
The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite takes e-books to new heights with several new features that just might convert the last traditional book enthusiasts.

The traditional book is looking more and more like it will die a slow death these days. Since the Kindle was first introduced, people have been asking for a backlight and now, with the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, they get just that. Why is a backlight important for an e-book? Simply put, it makes it look more like a real book page and less like a computer screen.

While there is still a certain charm to licking your fingertip and turning page after page in your favorite new book, new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is making a serious case for the new way of reading books. It features a 62% improvement when it comes to pixels and a 25% improvement in terms of contrast compared to its previous model.