The Amosu Couture Amazon Kindle is Covered in 24 Carat Gold

 - May 12, 2011
References: amosucouture & bornrich
E-readers are still struggling to gain appeal among the masses, but that could all change thanks to the Amosu Couture Amazon Kindle. Designed by bling king Alexander Amosu, this Kindle is covered in 24 carat gold.

The Kindle in question has Wi-Fi plus 3G connectivity in case you wanted to use it to actually read a book or two. The Amosu Couture Amazon Kindle comes in yellow, white and rose gold and even includes optional Swarovski crystals. When you are already dropping $1,950 on a solid gold e-reader, what is a couple hundred more dollars for Swarovski crystals anyway?

If you really want your Amosu Couture Amazon Kindle to stand out, you can go for the optional engraving and custom carrying case add-on. Better start saving now.