The Pupil 104 is an All-in-One Machine, Catering to Various Learners

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: jp-ik & tuvie
One of the best ways to improve a child's learning experience is to accommodate with diverse lessons and tools. The Pupil 104 computer would prove wonderfully useful to young students, allowing them to acquire knowledge in the way that is most effective for them.

This innovative JP electronic is a laptop, a tablet and an e-reader all in one. It integrates a webcam for capturing pictures and videos and offers the youngster the intuitive means to share all sorts of media and information with his peers. The screen swivels on a hinge to face the keyboard or to conceal it, transforming into a compact surface that can be drawn or written on with a stylus.

The Pupil 104 is remarkably durable and capable of withstanding drops of up to 80 centimeters.