From Flatpacked Chairs to Compact Standing Desk Platforms

 - Mar 3, 2015
These mobile worker furnishings range from flatpacked to portable products that are designed to fit one's busy lifestyle. On-the-go and freelance work is becoming more common among millennials who are known to be most productive when working out of a cafe, library or even the outdoors.

When working on-the-go, comfort is key and these furniture examples ensure that one is maintaining a good posture and feeling focused wherever they are. Compact, modular and ergonomic elements make these design solutions beneficial for freelancers, mobile workers and even those in an open-concept office.

They include portable standing desk solutions that improve posture while encouraging workers to not sit in one spot for too long. Unlike a traditional standing desk, products like the StandStand platform are collapsible and lightweight, making them easy to carry alongside your backpack and laptop. Other favorites include flatpacked cardboard workspaces that can be folded to create a spacious desk and chair combo. While a compact product is perfect for freelancers who frequent cafes and libraries, larger solutions are a better fit for artists and designers working out of a rented studio space.