Scribe Bed Desk is a Handy Workstation to Go Where You're Most Comfortable

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: quirky
The 21st century office can be just about anywhere and the Scribe Bed Desk makes it quite comfortable for you to set up your workspace in unconventional places. This Quirky-made product is a plastic board with two curled edges and elastic bands that keep your writing utensils secured.

There is a usable surface on either side of the notebook cooling pad so that you can draw or write or type on your keyboard. The furled sides can prevent your implements from rolling away; one can alternatively act as a stopper for your inclined computer and double as a wrist support for ergonomic typing. Easily move to a new location with your Scribe Bed Desk by fastening your laptop beneath a pair of crisscrossing bungee cords and carry the table by its integrated handle.