The 'New iPhone 5 Final Rumours Roundup' Infographic is Discerning

 - Sep 3, 2012
References: bitrebels
The 'New iPhone 5 Final Rumours Roundup' infographic examines all the possibilities that have been speculated about for the anticipated iPhone 5. The highly awaited phone has an expected release date of September. Tech critics have been abuzz in excitement about the potential upgrades that are to be featured on the new Apple phone.

However, with the last major phone upgrade -- iPhone 4S -- many were let down by the lack of significant changes aside from the camera, Siri and a few other minor enhancements.

Whether the iPhone 5 model is looking to get a bigger screen, new design, new mini-connector port, processor, RAM, camera, 4G support, SIM Card standard, Bluetooth enhancement or more, the phone has definitely been an interesting speculation event to watch and only this fall will tell.