Sarah Sitkin Gets Creative with the Draw Something App

 - May 26, 2012
References: sarahsitkin & lostateminor
The Draw Something app is now available for download from Apple. Most people use it to create casual doodles, yet Sarah Sitkin, a California-based photographer, shows that the app can be used as more than just a pastime.

Her illustrations are quirky, irreverent and not necessarily safe for work. Still, they are entertaining and amusing. Sometimes it's nice to contemplate the melting, dripping shades of classic Monet paintings. Other times, it's fun to look at a cartoonish illustration of a blender full of guts and blood -- it's like the art equivalent of a cheesy horror movie.

The off-the-cuff appeal of the Draw Something app is obvious. In a way, it is an updated version of the cocktail napkin. Still, not all cocktail napkin doodles are alike, and Sitkin's drawings are of an appreciably higher quality than most.