- Jun 11, 2013
Muppet fans everywhere will want to check out these famous puppet-inspired products. The Muppet movie was a huge success and delighted adults and children alike. With another Muppet movie already in the works, there's no shortage of products inspired by these plush icons.

Pink piggy pumps are essentially Miss Piggy-inspired heels for glamorous women who like to stand out. Muppet sneakers are bright lime-colored shoes with Kermit the Frog printed on the side. These sleek green sneakers are perfect for pop culture fans who grew up with the Muppets.

The next time you plan to watch the Muppets movie, why not go all out and bake up some Muppet-themed cupcakes? These tasty sweets include little candy faces depicting everyone's favorite Muppet characters. These cute puppet-inspired products range from costumes and snacks to viral videos and puppet mash-ups.

From Iconic Muppet Masks to Mad Men Muppets: