Jennifer Lewis is Redefining These Faces of the 60s with Henson-Inspired Designs

 - Apr 6, 2013
References: flavorwire
With fans getting more excited about the premiere of the sixth season of AMC's advertising drama Mad Men, it's understandable that there has been a lot of ingenious and eye-catching fan tribute artwork created for this somber series, but it's fan work like Jennifer Lewis's Mad Men Muppets that need to be truly praised for taking a comical spin on this usually downbeat show.

By adding distinct hues, hilarious captions and Muppet-like features to each of these integral character's faces, Jennifer Lewis's Mad Men Muppets look like what would happen after Muppet creator Jim Henson spent a day on set of this 60s-centric TV show.

Images of Betty, Don Draper, Peggy, Pete, Sterling and red head Bombshell Joan are just some examples of the great character-to-Muppet appearance alterations that Lewis was able to whip together.