Kermit the Frog Adidas by Stan Smith

 - Jul 19, 2009   Updated: Jul 21 2011
References: cakeheadlovesevil
These items from the Kermit Adidas range are borderline from a fashion police point of view—unless you love Muppets or the color green. These Stan Smith customized trainers are part of the Adicolor range, which also includes Mr. Happy and Miss Piggy.

I really am not sure where I stand on this one. It is as if acknowledging the fact that Kermit is cool with these Adidas trainers makes him uncool!

Implications - But can you imagine the amount of swagger one would have to have to rock these kicks without shame? Massive. They also seem ready made to be co-opted by an irony worshipping hipster. I'm sure Adidas had both of those markets in mind when they began developing these Kermit the Frog kicks.