The DayBrake Monitors Your Bodily Response and Endeavors to Relax You

A great deal of offices cultivate a culture of tension, allowing levels of anxiety to rise and reducing one's awareness that it has even occurred. The DayBrake Personal Stress Management System is designed for high pressure environments and circumstances as an electronic coach for your mental state.

The hi-tech headpiece is anchored just above the ears and wraps comfortably around the back of your neck. The two arms have sensors that constantly measure your body temperature, your heart rate and your muscle activity to analyze your level of strain. If signs of stress are detected, vibrating massage pads in the back offer a soothing rub.

The intensity of this contact is automatically adjusted relative to your degree of tension, urging you to take breaks. Jet Shao's DayBrake has earbuds for playing soothing music or mediation tracks and output jacks allow you to upload your statistics onto your computer.