The 'Energy Beings' Series by Kochi Humanizes Electronic Art

 - Apr 9, 2012
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Artist Kouji Oshiro Kochi's 'Energy Beings' series does an excellent job of personifying a digital art niche. By building upon a field that has yet to merge digital work with such detailed human features, the Peruvian-born Kochi has managed to create an impressive and distinct brand.

The Energy Beings images are haunting. Each picture features a range of light-like installations that are reminiscent of skeletal human compositions. These fleshy attributes are reinforced by outlines of bold eyes which offset the illustrations, and are found constantly lurking behind the photos.

Akin to the hominid's union with technology in all areas of society in the 21st century, the Kochi collection alludes to a contemporary oneness with technology. As far as the future goes, the Energy Beings sequence also acknowledges the potential for further electronic manipulation.