- Jan 29, 2014
If you're a geeky girl or guy who likes to get naughty on occasion, these sexy sci-fi innovations just may tickle your fancy.

There's two sides to every person and who says the other side of a Star Wars fanatic can't be bold and bad? These sexy bedroom-based innovations are definitely targeted for the sci-fi lovers with a hot hidden agenda. For all the geeky girls who like to keep in good sci-fi spirit from ComicCon to the bedroom, there are Star Trek-themed corsets that will completely melt the heart of the nerdy lover in your life. If you're more of a playful spirit then Star Wars themed adult toys are they key to your heart and spiritual release.

These sultry sci-fi innovations make science fiction a little more risque.

From Intergalactic Bedroom Toys to Naughty Nerdy Lingerie: