The C-Orby Composer Cooker Stimulates Another Human Sense at Supper

 - Aug 9, 2012
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The experience of eating involves the senses of taste, smell, touch and sight, but seldom is there an auditory portion. The C-Orby Composer Cooker serves up a snack for the eater's ears as well, and in a deliciously unexpected way.

The sizzle of a steak, the boiling of water or the crackling of an egg are, of course, ways in which a chef can discern the sounds of his foods. Interestingly, this cutting-edge spherical oven emits noises of a very different flavor.

Sensors inside of the Electrolux C-Orby Composer Cooker pull from the scents of the ingredients being baked. These aromatic qualities are analyzed and translated into musical notes and full-on melodies that, for a change, get your supper singing for you.