The SOOT Acoustic Kickstand Ups the Sound of the Kindle Fire

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: & designbuzz
Kindle Fire owners are finally getting some love for the design world in the form of the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand. The SOOT Acoustic Kickstand was designed by John Waley and Mani Razaghi to increase the sound output of Amazon's iPad competitor.

The SOOT Acoustic Kickstand is designed to enhance the sound of the Fire by redirecting the way sound flows from its speakers. The SOOT would redirect the sound from the Fire's speakers (they face away from the user) to enhance sound quality. SOOT has a simple design that incorporates a slot for a credit card. The credit card can be used as a kickstand, providing an added layer of functionality to the device. SOOT was intended to have a simple design that would be easy to pitch on Kickstarter.