The Glide iPod Docking Station Lets Your Music Take Flight

 - Jan 30, 2012
References: yankodesign
There aren't many iDevice docks real or conceptual that look like the Glide iPod Docking Station. Designer Matthew Hicks has designed a dock that looks a little like an airplane and a little like nothing you've ever seen before.

On the whole, the Glide iPod Docking Station has a simple design. Two speakers are attached to a thin piece of wood with the iDevice cradle in the center. The spacing of the speakers and the thinness of the wood is what separates this design from all others. The perfect balance between the two is what truly draws attention in. The thinness of this design means that it could be mounted almost anywhere.

The market is flooded with a ton of speaker docks of all shapes and forms. Designers need to reinvent the shape of the docking station to stand out from the competition. Docks such as the Glide iPod Docking Station could become the norm rather than the exception as people hustle to try and change what consumers expect to see from sound docks.