The Gjon Mili Picasso Light Drawings Emulate Famous Works

 - Dec 18, 2012
References: life.time & lostateminor
The effects of light painting photography always make any image look interesting and otherworldly; but when someone uses this method to replicate famous artwork, such as in the Gjon Mili Picasso Light Drawings, the result is even more impressive.

Artists Gjon Mili uses a penlight and special flash photography techniques, that he has perfected in his studio, to recreate the connected line drawing method used in memorable Pablo Picasso pieces. As he takes photos of the light paintings, he captures the beauty of this temporary medium and makes it appear to be a drawing that is floating in the air right in front of him.

Some of the images of the Gjon Mili Picasso Light Drawings show the man behind the work, while others hide him in the shadows.