The Plexus Series by Gabriel Dawe is Chromatic

 - Aug 30, 2012
References: gabrieldawe & thisiscolossal
The Plexus Series by Gabriel Dawe is a beautiful installation series made from suspended polychromatic designs. This site-specific installation merges fashion with architecture as Gabriel finds new uses for textiles.

These designs are apart of his new Plexus series, which require exact geometric precision and resemble floating colors. The various threads are woven together creating new shapes, patterns and forms, which run from the floor to the ceiling.

Gabriel Dawe is a Dallas-based artist who has been featured in publications around the world for these colorful and innovative installations. Currently, Gabriel's installations are on display in Dallas, Texas, and later this season they will be featured at the Louisiana State University Museum of Art, Baton Rouge in Los Angeles and the Sommerset Houset in London, UK.