- Oct 17, 2013
While overpasses and walkways are ideally built to get commuters from one end to another, these beautifully extravagant bridges are showcasing how architects are turning these structures into unique pieces of art.

Since bridges often span over large distances or even bodies of water, what better outlet to showcase one's artistic influences than through these practical structures? That's why bridges and overpasses often feature artistic designs and extravagant shapes as a way to boldly showcase an architect's talent and inspirations. From bridge designs that resemble fire-breathing dragons to sharply angled overpasses and helix designs, these beautifully extravagant bridges will definitely have commuters gawking at the magnificent sight of these structures.

Sure to turn an ordinary driving or walking experience into a magical adventure, these extravagant bridges are showcasing how architectural design amazingly has no bounds.

From Sky Bridge Transport Hubs to Fire-Breathing Bridges: