Drifting Horizons is Sensitive to the Stir of the River Thames

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: suckerpunchdaily
Fixed links are man's way of asserting authority over the unpredictable fluctuations of nature, but this project called Drifting Horizons strives to work with the environment and experience its every ebb and flow.

Designers Mark Shkolnikov and Tia Crocker from London and Pennsylvania collaborated on this compelling concept. Through their studies of the Tidal North Sea and its incredible effect on the mouth of the River Thames, they came up with an infrastructural solution that could cooperate with a water level that typically rises 20 feet each day. A cluster of floating rafts extend from both banks and are joined by a shifting bridge that spans just a third of the full width of the waterway.

If only more architectural and urban design initiatives explored such sensitive and dynamic ideas as Drifting Horizons does.