The WXY Nanhe River Landscape Bridge is a Functional Work of Art

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: wxystudio & zeutch
The wavelike structure and bold red color of the WXY Nanhe River Landscape Bridge make it a unique architectural masterpiece that will attract both tourist and locals to its home of Xinjin County, China. Though WXY Architecture Studio is based in New York, it won a competition to build the bridge, and rightfully so with this innovative design. The team intended to create a structure that follows the flow of the river and creates an experience for journeyers across the path taking in the area's vast landscapes. The design was also crafted to optimize the space for watercraft and other recreational uses of the river, which is achieved via five multilimbed supports that hold it at its incredible height.

In addition to enhancing the bridge's visual appeal, the intertwined ribbon pattern are also functional, as they expand the capacity of the bridge in anticipation of the city's rapid future growth. The bridge's aesthetic gives the area an iconic image on which to market its tourism industry, and gives residents an incredible space to overlook their homes.

Implications - As technology becomes more elaborate, architecture is following the same pattern. Tourists and consumers are drawn as much to interesting building structures and innovative design as they are to natural landscapes, making iconic architecture a staple in every tourist destination.