The Pleated Perforated Bridge Manipulates Material to Span a River

 - Sep 10, 2012
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Urban infrastructure becomes sculpture in this captivating concept called the Pleated Perforated Bridge. The project was conceived in response to a challenge through the Atlas of Sensations class at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and requested the use of a toolbox of different computer rendering software.

Claudio Granato, Cecilia Sannella and Dino Kiratzidis worked together to produce a remarkably complex model of something that, in essence, can be quite straightforward. They developed an intricate web-like structure that crosses the canal near the Urania building.

It's a compelling study of formal manipulation that involved the buckling of the massive latticework arch. A great deal of apertures were worked into the skin of the Surface Translations tunnel too that might be aesthetically interpreted as the industrial deterioration of the Pleated Perforated Bridge.