The Mind-Boggling Footstep Bridge Meanders Across Roads and Rivers

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: michaeljantzen & blog.2modern
It looks a little bit like the Footstep Bridge has been extracted from a video game and re-erected in the real world. What you see from either side of the curious structure is a series of seemingly pixelated undulations that span a street or a stream for the safe passage of people on foot.

The Stair Scape pedestrian bridge has three footpaths in one with the central section offering a smooth -- albeit fluctuating -- ramp. The two flanking lanes are of staircase formations that give the piece of contemporary infrastructure its "low-res" appearance. All three zigzagging trajectories of the overpass are fixed together wherever the walls touch.

Designer Michael Jantzen suggests that the 100 by 20 feet Footstep Bridge could be constructed from precast concrete. It takes an intriguing form that certainly would not be efficient to cross, yet the novelty of using it would be worth the extra exertion.