The Chongqing Eco-Bridge Translates Natural Beauty into Industrial

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: enrico-taranta &
When designing a fixed link, there is a great opportunity to sculpt the structural forms to complement its natural surroundings -- an endeavor by which the Chongqing Eco-Bridge takes full advantage. Taranta Creations strove to maintain an honesty with respect to the robust industrial materials used to build such a monumental scale overpass, but the forms that it developed speak the language of the undulating Chinese landscape.

The magnificently modern suspension bridge exudes such aesthetic intrigue from every perspective, but when viewed side-on it reveals a particularly graceful pair of curvatures that mirror the bowing shape of the watery valley below. Soaring semicircular bands give the Chongqing Eco-Bridge a sense of artistic artificial presence amidst the untamed topography that surrounds, supporting a gridded roof that diffuses the sun's glare from above.