Robin Stam Builds Real Versions of the Bridges on the Euro

 - Jun 6, 2013
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The illustrated bridges on the Euro are a not-too-subtle metaphor regarding the bridging of different European currencies back in 2002 to create the single-minded Euro. Each Euro note features a different bridge ranging in color and architectural style. However none of these bridges existed -- until now.

Artist Robin Stam has decided that the metaphor presented by the Euro would be a lot more applicable if these bridges actually existed. So he decided to build a series of bridges around Europe that imitate the illustrated bridges. After several years of hard work, Stam's bridges are nearly completed. Their design ranges in style from Roman to Gothic to Renaissance to Baroque. Their vibrant colors might seem strange and unnatural in an urban setting, but they're exactly how they appear on the colorful Euro counterpart.

Stam's simple idea is a wonderful way to celebrate the unity of the European Union while simultaneously celebrating the continent's lush architectural history.