'Light Form' Interactive Landscape by Mathieu Rivier is Riveting

Playing with light and surfaces seems futuristic but the 'Light Form' Interactive Landscape by Mathieu Rivier is making that notion entirely possible.

The installation was created by Rivier, a student of ECAL University of Art and Design. The sculpture is ragged solid surface that reacts to touch using infra red sensing technology. The surface provides a visually geometric multi-touch aesthetic that is ultra modern.

The device works with both webcams and pressure points to form the interactive nature of Rivier's piece. According to Creative Applications, when these points are stimulated, the information is sent to a program that "calculates the data from the touched points on the form in 3D [which is] then transposed on the flat form."

Fascinating technology aside, it is certain that Mathieu Rivier's work with interactive art is groundbreaking and supremely fascinating.