From Gravity-Defying Perches to Magnetic Sound Systems

 - Mar 16, 2013
Magnetic products are making a huge comeback, resulting in some pretty trippy, unusual and unbelievable designs that appear to defy nature.

From levitating furniture to revamped, updated magnets, the amount of noteworthy magnetic products out there is really astonishing. Whether it's in home decor or part of your iPad case, magnets can play an incredibly important part in making products more versatile, functional, streamlined and attractive. The seamless cohesion that magnets provide is unmatched, and products made with them are surprisingly affordable considering how effective they are.

Sure to continue to be integrated into everything, particularly tech accessories, it's clear that magnetic products aren't going anywhere, and will likely continue to improve the products that consumers know and love. In other words, it seems like magnetic products will be sticking around regardless of whether we're attracted to them.