Pascale Charmolu's Cantastic Magnetic Watering Cans Go With the Flow

 - May 6, 2011
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Can your can "out-can" this can? I don't think it can.

French designer Pascal Charmolu has created the most innovative and efficient watering can I've ever seen. The body of this hydro house is stainless steel, and comes in a handful of cantastic finishes. A flexible silicon hose emerges from its base, allowing the user to determine the direction of the water stream. This hose also contains a small magnet that allows it to attach to the main body of the can.

Needless to say, this magnetic watering can goes with the flow. Not only is this clever decanter design more compact and visually pleasing than traditional ones, but it also allows users to water their perennials more precisely.

Charmolu's charming magnetic watering is sure to give flow to your flowers.