The Klingg Headphone Cable Holder is Light and Sporty

 - Mar 4, 2013
References: klingg & werd
Lightweight and cool, the Klingg headphone cable holder is great for keeping pesky headphone cords out of the way while exercising or going for a walk.

Often getting tangled or caught on something and then ripping out of the ears, earphone wires can be really annoying when trying to focus on a good workout. This magnetic cord holder solves that problem by clipping onto any shirt and channeling the cords through it's strong grip. With lots of colors to choose from, this device won't cramp your style and it's magnetic clips won't damage any clothes.

IF you find wires getting in the way of your workout, put them in their place with a Klingg headphone cable holder with its very attractive and highly functional design.