The 'Minus 13 Chair' is Made of 59 Magnetic Pillows

 - Jun 7, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
References: whitezine
Although the 'Minus 13 Chair' is one of the weirdest chairs I've ever seen. It's a seat I definitely wouldn't mind owning. Built and formed with 56 magnetic small pillows, it's amazing that its magnetic power is the only thing keeping its shape.

The contemporary design of the Minus 13 Chair therefore makes it perfect for a modern home. If you were to deconstruct these pillows, what furniture design would you compose?

Implications - Consumers appreciate furniture designs with an element of toy-like play because it satiates their desire to be youthful again. By crafting a chair made entirely out of magnetized parts that can be reformed into other shapes, consumers are challenged in a creative manner. Corporations in other industries can similarly appeal to consumers by producing goods with interactive elements that are evocative of childlike activities.