From Knit Water Bottle Covers to Hilarious Hangable Embroidery

 - Mar 21, 2014
These pieces of cross-stitched art are so realistic, it's hard to imagine someone sitting there and putting the entire thing together. For example, the work done by Judith G. Klausner features pieces of toast with mould growing on them. If I didn't know better, there's a good chance these would be thrown out instantly if placed inside the fridge.

Featuring cross-stitched art on one's walls provides a great way to spice up the kitchen, especially if the work is food-related. Veselka Bulkan makes stitched designs of vegetables falling off the main piece of the stitched board, with only the roots attached. The result is cute little veggies dangling precariously on the edge. Putting these in one's kitchen can be a constant reminder to eat your veggies, otherwise they could easily fall by the wayside.