The Embroidered X-Rays are a Strange Mix of Plastic and Thread

 - Oct 1, 2011
References: matthewcoxartist & mymodernmet
The Embroidered X-Rays by artist Matthew Cox shows that imagination has no limits in the world of the arts. These designs are a hybrid product where a grandma’s hobby meets with the last trip to the emergency room.

The work consists of human x-rays partially covered by layers of embroidery, which adds color and life to the already depressing black and white bones. But the embroidery doesn’t only add color, it also gives a narrative and personification to the x-rays; each stitch suggests a story of the character who owns the bones.

The whole concept is both wonderful and strange. The interaction of the two different materials creates an interesting result in art and gender relations. Cox explains,"For me, stitching has a nurturing aspect and acts as care giving or healing to the injured, a socially feminine sort of action, while the x-ray itself can be considered masculine and unemotional."

The Embroidered X-Rays are surreal pieces of art.