From Metal Petal Lamps to Elaborate Alien Illuminators

 - Jun 1, 2012
A far cry from cheesy lava lamps of yesterday, lighting fixtures are now one of the top canvases for design innovation. Offering lots of interpretation and endless ways to alter classic silhouettes, some truly amazing ways to light up your life have churned out over the years.

Often integrating the actual light into the design, the fixtures of today are often clever and beautiful. Using a huge array of materials, designers are creating such a range that there's something for almost anyone in today's market. These are an ever-present product, in that they're a staple in almost any home. Offered in a huge range of price points, even those running low on cash can appropriate some of these amazing designs.

Sure to shed light on the way home decor is changing, these magnificently bizarre lighting fixtures are illuminating.