The Masiero Anima Charming Lamps are a Flash of Dripping Decor

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: masierogroup & trendir
As long as you are not tall enough to graze your ceilings with your head, the dangling Masiero Anima Charming Lamps are an absolute must have.

The design of the dangling lights was created by Masiero using hand-blown glass to ensure that no two lamps are ever the exact same, infusing them with a uniqueness beyond their cool design. The inside-colored glass is housed by an exterior teardrop-shaped glass, hanging like a charm from the basic potlights.

The stunning sparklers come in multiple colors and are sure to be a mesmerizing masterpiece that would distract all eyes if you made the Masiero Anima Charming Lamps into your spectacular ceiling centerpiece.