From DIY Origami Box Lights to Whimsical Bubble Lanterns

 - Aug 16, 2013
If you're looking to add some whimsically bright colors to your backyard patio at night, then these vibrant lantern designs will definitely have your outdoor space illuminated in no time.

Lanterns are a very unique source of illumination, they are easily portable and can often be hung from ceilings, walls or even on trees. That's why choosing to decorate your space with a colorful lantern design serves to create a wonderfully relaxing and whimsical atmosphere, one that your guests will surely remember. Perfect for backyard parties or even just to set a romantic mood, these vibrant lantern designs are providing bold pops of color that will surely make any nighttime event shine.

From miniature solar-powered lanterns to dangling cubic lighting, these vibrant lantern designs will make any outdoor event something to remember.