Jack o' Lanterns for Gamers

 - Oct 3, 2008   Updated: May 13 2011
References: kotaku
You can always rely on geeks to come up with something snazzy on holidays, and these gamers haven't disappointed for Halloween with these carved pumpkins.

These game-inspired Jack o' Lanterns are quite creative. Naturally, characters like Pac-Man have a shape that makes them perfect for a pumpkin, but some of the selections in this gallery aren't as obvious, like the Wii controller.

Implications - The stereotype of geeks has shifted from something to be embarrassed about to something that should be embraced. Ideas such as geek pumpkins have become widely popular over the past few years. These ideas allow members of the nerdier behavioral tribes to display their label proudly to others and ultimately, flaunt their social status in a world based on computers.