Homemade Halloween Decor from Policitcal Pumpkins to Geek Lanterns

 - Oct 10, 2011
Even though some may say I'm too old for a traditional Halloween experience, I still get super excited when I see fake cobwebs, freaky scarecrows and Jack-O-Lanterns laid out on my neighbors' porches. What makes it even more exciting is how awesomely creative today's Jack-O-Lanterns are! This list of inventive homemade Halloween lanterns outlines the best of the best, with some pumpkin carvings displaying a level of imagination and craftsmanship I never thought possible.

Everyone from Edward Cullen of Twilight to Sarah Palin can apparently be carved into a pumpkin, taking the concept of trick or treating to a whole new level. There are even nail-studded Jack-O-Lanterns to give your porch a more Gothic, avant-garde feel. Ultimately, I don't care what's on the pumpkin as long as I get my free candy.