Rinspeed E2 is a Fiat 500 Mod at the Geneva Auto Show 2009

 - Mar 3, 2009   Updated: Jul 5 2011
References: autoblog
The Geneva Auto Show 2009 is the showplace for the Rinspeed E2, a modified Fiat 500. The E2 uses the hotter Abarth model tuned to get extra power and economy through an engine management system.

The Rinspeed E2 isn't a beauty queen and surely doesn't have the look of a performance car, so it seems unlikely this version will garner much respect, but who knows?

Implications - Smaller seems to be better in terms of vehicles, as smaller cars appear more efficient and fit more easily into city-goers lifestyles. These particular city lifestyles appreciate small products that pack the punch of larger ones -- like this Rinspeed E2 car does with its powerful high-performance engine.